The Chancel Choir, led by Renee Gehlbach, provides musical inspiration for the congregation on Sundays between September and May.  Choir rehearsal takes place Wednedsdays, 7:30-9:00pm, during the active choir season.  Special music, pick-up and handbell choirs provide music during the summer months.

The Summer pick-up choir provides opportunities for anyone to sing and support the worship service during the months the regular choir is “on break” (June-August).  This is a great opportunity for those who love to sing and cannot make the normal choir practices held between September and June.  It is a fun time for all, and all are encouraged to join in!  

OR, join the summer Handbell choir.  Discover the enjoyment of creating music with others in a friendly environment.  No prior musical experience is necessary, and no commitment is required.  It is a guaranteed fun time for all, and all are encouraged to join in!  

For information and dates for practice and performance for both pick-up and handbell choir, please contact Renee Gehlbach at: