Morningside Presbyterian Church is a community of faithful Christian believers called to joyfully share the inclusive love of Christ with people through worship, prayer, and fellowship.


Morningside Presbyterian Church is a community of believers who belong to the family of churches called Presbyterian Church USA (PC-USA).  Our roots are in a tradition dating back to the Reformation in the 16th century, under the founding leadership of John Calvin…a tradition which proclaims that Jesus Christ is the head of the church and the Word of God revealed.  The Bible is considered the written Word of God and its contents witness to the person, message, and mission of Jesus Christ.  It is our authority for faith and life.  


At MPC all activities of the church are organized around our core values of worship, ministry and outreach. The Morningside Presbyterian Church (MPC) congregation is Bible- and Christ-centered, while at the same time being a fully inclusive community of faith.

Bible- and Christ-centered means our congregational life is centered on the person of Jesus Christ.  We are a community that gathers around the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and are committed to the experience of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

fully inclusive community of faith means that MPC firmly believes that God’s love is freely offered to everyone and therefore as a congregation we are:                                                 

Committed to causes of social justice

Committed to being inclusive, affirming

And welcome diversity