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May 27-June 24: Living in the Spirit


For the five Sundays following Pentecost, May 27-June 24,  Pastor Paul will be focusing on the Holy Spirit, also referred to as “the shy person of the Trinity”.  By becoming more acquainted with who the Spirit is, we will be able to cooperate with and get closer to this quiet and vitally important Person of the Three Person-One-Unified God.


June 20 – World Refugee Day

Millions of people flee their homes and their homelands every year with little hope but to trust in God to lead them to safety.  Like Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt, they do not know what lies ahead but believe that God will show them the way.  

Presbyterians across the U.S. express their commitment to welcome refugees of all nationalities and faiths, to “choose welcome, not fear” in response to growing cries of anti-refugee and anti-Muslim sentiments.  Despite the horrors of their past, these new neighbors bring with them great gifts of perseverance and resiliency and a deep desire to make a new home among us.  Together, Presbyterians and people of all faiths are work alongside non-profit organizations to create welcoming communities for refugees and asylum seekers.  

This World Refugee Day celebrate the newcomers in your midst, create opportunities to build deeper understanding across faiths and nationalities.




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